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Items for the workshop, garage and home!

With more than 26 years of experience in the field of bolts, our boxes include hardware products from internationally recognized brands meeting the required quality standards.

Assembled with expertise, Ynutdistribution boxes aim to save you time and money by providing you with mini hardware on hand, selected exclusively to meet your needs. Classified under 3 main categories, once again facilitating your search, our boxes will allow you to accomplish your various tasks.

Set of screws and bolts

At Ynutdistribution, you will find different types of boxes that may suit your needs. Several grades and types of alloys are available online and or in stores. Browse our 3 main categories; (Stainless Steel, workshop projects, and domestic work) to find THE box that meets your needs.

Custom order

Even better! Our boxes include a description identifying each item by a precise title as well as its part number allowing you to renew your boxes easily, without hassle, by visiting our service center in Les Coteaux. With more than 160,000 types of products in inventory, we will be able to quickly respond to your needs.